Bifrost Entertainment

Bifrost Entertainment

Oslo, Norway
We make and sell games on PC and Consoles from Oslo, Norway

Bifrost Entertainment develops and publishes the games we want to play. We develop original games and help other developers bring their games to new platforms.

We have over half a decade’s experience making and selling games, working with both our own and licensed cross-media intellectual property.

If you have an interesting project, look at get in touch.

Right now we’re busy bringing musical shoot’em-up Myriad to PC and consoles.

Iconoclasts screenshot
Iconoclasts is a gorgeous Action-Adventure about Robin’s struggle against One Concern

Robin is a mechanic. She helps people keep their machines in order.

Just one little problem: She is unauthorized.

That makes her a sinner in Mother's eyes

Myriad screenshot
Myriad is a musical action game about creation, destruction and performance

Defeating enemies builds the level you play in, but multiplies your opposition.

Find a way to blow up your level in a glorious, screen-clearing chain reaction!

Make and break worlds, bend time and space and perform a symphony of colour and shape.

  • Stylish, musical chain-reaction action
  • 60 minimalist paintings a second
  • Art and game by Erlend Grefsrud
  • Find out more!
Rainbow is our open-source, cross-platform PC and mobile game engine.

Features OpenGL rendering, FMOD or OpenAL audio, JavaScript as scripting language, and physics.

Deploy apps and games with native performance to Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Designed for rapid development and easy maintenance of 2D mobile games, Rainbow offers top performance and robust functionality.

Grab the repo from GitHub, discuss on Reddit, and be sure to let us know if you make something awesome for or with Rainbow!

Get in touch:

Pilestredet 17, 0164 Oslo, Norway